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Are there forms of sexual acts that involve aggression? In discussing homosexuality in this context I must make it clear that I am not claiming that homosexual behavior necessarily entails aggression only that it sometimes may. Thus, it is a form of sexual relations that has relevance for our discussion here. Homosexuality is not found among the Rungus to the best of our knowledge. Furthermore, there is no term for homosexual behavior. During our field research in 1986 and 1990 I explicitly inquired about this. Not only is there no knowledge of homosexuality ever having occurred, but also one of my informants, the village headman, asked what was involved. He was incredulous when I explained.

I have only one case of bestiality. In a distant village sometime ago a man killed a deer and had intercourse with the body. The headman of the village took a stick to his buttocks, and he ran off.

Furthermore, verbal insults involving the implication of sexual relations with animals do not occur.

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