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Research of Laura W. R. Appell


Selected Articles

Death Among the Rungus of Sabah, Malaysia: The Dissolution of Personhood and Dispersion of Multiple Souls and Spiritual Counterparts

Dehumanization in Fact and Theory: Processes of Modernization and the Social Sciences

Ecological Approaches to Rural Development

Emergent Structuralism: The Design of an Inquiry System to Delineate the Production and Reduction of Social Forms

Epistemological Issues in Anthropological Inquiry: Social Structuralism, Cognitive Structuralism, Synethetic Structuralism and Opportunism

Ethnic Groups in the Northeast Region of Indonesian Borneo and their Social Organizations

Field Work Bibliography for Social Anthropology

Freeman's Refutation of Mead's Coming of Age in Samoa: The Implications for Anthropological Inquiry

Iban Studies: Their Contribution to the Social Theory and the Ethnography of Other Borneo Societies

Individuation of the Drives of Sex and Aggression in the Linguistic and Behavioral Repertoire of the Rungus


Introduction. Integration of the Periphery to the Center: Processes and Consequences

Introduction: Theoretical Issues in the Study of Reservations and Resettlement

Land Tenure and Development Among the Rungus Dunsun of Sabah, Malaysia

Scholars, True Believers, and the Identity Crisis in American Anthropology

Teaching Anthropological Ethics: Developing Skills in Ethical Decision-Making and the Nature of Moral Education

The Distinction Between Ethnography and Ethnology and Other Issues in Cognitive Structuralism

The Dusun Languages of Northern Borneo: the Rungus Dusun and Related Problems

The Emergent Nature of Property Systems: Contributions Toward the Design of and Inquiry System for Delineating Social Forms and their Jural Relations

The Health Consequences of Development

The History of Research on Traditional Land Tenure and Tree Ownership in Borneo

The Pernicious Effects of Development

The Social Separation Syndrome

The Strengths of the Past: Foundation for Development, Springboard to the Future

See bibilography for complete list of written works by George N. Appell.